Temporis: Chicago, IL


Temporis is a relatively new addition to the Chicago restaurant scene, opening its doors in January of 2017. This restaurant is a self-described “20 seat restaurant that focuses on one single evolving 8-10 course tasting menu featuring local ingredients and an in house hydroponic garden.” While having no say in what food you will be served at such a high price may normally cause a spike in blood pressure, at Temporis you’re in good hands.

Stepping into the restaurant, you are greeted by a relatively small space as Temporis only seats 20 guests. The room is opened up by its white walls and sleek wooden tables which give the restaurant a modern vibe.

At this particular meal, we were served 11 small courses, each with its own distinct flavor and presentation. At the center of the table was a small garden with herbs to snack on between courses, and for one course the wait staff even plucked a few of the plants to garnish one of the dishes with. While this entire meal was spectacular, we only pictured a few of our favorite courses below. The first and last images give a glimpse of the herb garden mentioned above.

Here you see our first course: king crab with saffron, satsuma, and steelhead roe. This bite-sized start to the meal was arguably one of our favorite courses of the night, as this light yet flavorful spoonful paved the way for the heavier and slightly larger courses to follow.

The second course was scallop with nettle, fennel, and coriander. Usually we are scallop-averse individuals due to its slimy texture and fat-like consistency, but this small bite was enjoyable even to a scallop-hater. The piece of scallop was small enough to not be overwhelmingly chewy, and the crunchy garnish added a contrast to the scallop’s texture.

Our third course, shown above, consists of capellini (a long, thin, pasta slightly thicker than angel hair) with uni, parmesan, and gooseberry topped with shaved truffle. This beautiful presentation combined with its unique flavors made this dish a hit. This was our first experience trying gooseberry, which we found to be deliciously sweet and a nice contrast to the more savory flavors of the truffle and capellini.

Our first dessert of the night is shown above. The 10th course of the night, this lighter course was much needed. As we eyed the ice cream being set before us we were filled with delight until the waiter announced the dessert as “foie gras ice cream with passion fruit & sauternes, black sesame, and cannele.” To us, foie gras had no business disguising itself in a dessert. To our delight, the foie gras was subtle enough to not overwhelm the dessert aspect of this course, and everyone cleared their plates with comments of delight.

The eleventh and final dish of the night was peach jam with cinnamon, brown butter, and lemon verbena. This aesthetically pleasing dessert was the perfect end to the meal, combining a delightful crunch from the spiral as seen above with the softer consistency of the jam.

After 11 courses our hunger was satisfied, and the delightful ambiance along with the beautiful food presentations and unique flavors will surely bring us back to Temporis in the future.


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  1. Lori Raushi says:

    You two should be food critics and write a column, a very good read.

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